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MobileDVR by UCL

Up to 98% accuracy on the only system Made in U.S.A

WRTA blurPassCountPro™ professional all solid state automatic passenger counter (APC) system designed for buses and light-rail cars.

Allocate Wisely

Accurate counting data of passengers or other customers is a key factor in many sectors for efficient resource allocation. This includes public transportation systems (trains, busses), retail and facility management with any types of entrances and floors (e.g. shopping areas and lobbies).

For operators of public transport systems, passenger count data is the basis for dynamic adjustments of transportation capacity and sharing revenues between different business divisions. Retail and facility managers are interested in customer numbers for security reasons, surveillance of behavioral patterns, and flexible planning of personnel.  If public transport system operators know the capacity, utilization and punctuality of their fleet, they can optimize routing and reduce costs.

3D Laser Technology

Using 3D Laser Technology, UCL’s self contained Automatic Passenger Counting System offers a counting accuracy up to or greater than 98%.  Our exclusive 3D laser technology actually locks on to the passenger's body when they enter the beam and tracks their movement.  Two passengers passing each other in the doorway would be locked on to as separate bodies and counted properly.  Even if a passenger steps on and then steps back off the bus, the sensors will track this and the passenger would not be errantly counted.

Passenger Counter 3D Laser Technology Passenger Counter 3D Laser Technology wide door

If used in conjunction with our TransitPC6™ mobile Digital Video Recorder, it’s possible to verify all results at any time, through the comparison with video recordings.

GPS Option

UCL’s PassCountPro™ automatically tracks counter data to the correct trips and stops. Using GPS, PassCountPro™ will:

  • Log the location of each stop (ie: Library, Courthouse, Corner 2nd & Main, etc.)
  • Time of stop
  • Number of passengers boarding
  • Number of passengers departing

Optional RF and Card Readers

Add an optional RF or card reader system to PassCountPro™.  Our RF or Card Reader system can be added to our TransitPC6™ mobileDVR system or as stand-alone system.  If you have an RF or card reader system in place, our system can be adapted to fit in.

Small, Rugged, and Ready

Built for dependability and long life, PassCountPro™ is designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations and heavy vibration of mobile operations.  PassCountPro™ is all solid state - no mechanical hard drive with moving parts to fail.  Our special mount isolates the system from shock and vibration. The system is designed for rugged vehicle requirements.

Proudly Made in the USAAlthough it can be a self contained system, PassCountPro™ can also be installed on our TransitPC6™ mobileDVR system.


The PassCountPro™ Windows based software is easy to use and configure for your particular situation.  It supplies multiple reports and totaling managerial reports.

TransitPC6 Features
  • Can be installed on our TransitPC6™ mobileDVR system or as stand-alone system
  • All solid state - no moving parts or fans to fail
  • 3D Laser Technology - Up to or exceeding 98% accuracy
  • Can cover multiple doors and wide door openings
  • Auto download of data when returning to station thru remote communication (ethernet, 2-way radio, cellular, WiFi, & other wireless options)
  • Meets transit safety, NDT and FTA requirements
  • 3 year warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA

TransitPC6 Features
  • Can be installed on our TransitPC6™ mobileDVR system
  • GPS option allows for accurate tracking of stop data
  • RF or Card Reader system (add-on or stand-alone)
  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Installation on-site by our trained technicians

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For use by:

  • Transit Authorities
  • Universities
  • School Districts
  • Light Rail Systems

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