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CruiserPC6platform - Mobile computing platform by UCL

The ONLY choice in a First Responder Mobile Computing Platform

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Complete Mobile Computer System for
Police ~ Fire ~ Ambulance ~ Security ~ Survelliance

Police OfficerUniversal Com Link's CruiserPC6platform™ is a professional complete mobile computer system designed especially for First Responders.  This professional, all solid state, system will handle a wide array of functions and software required by today’s - and tomorrow’s - public safety personnel.


CruiserPC6platform™ is one screaming monolithic machine!  In addition to handling digital and audio recording, on-board navigation, and auto-vehicle locator(AVL), it's ready to handle the other Windows® based software packages that you need to perform your job.

Small, Rugged, and Ready

Police CruiserBuilt for dependability and long life, CruiserPC6platform™ is designed to easily withstand the temperature fluctuations and heavy vibration of mobile operations.  CruiserPC6platform™ is all solid state - no mechanical hard drive with moving parts to fail.

At 7.5"w x 3"h x 7.25"d, it's small enough to easily be mounted safely in the trunk where it's locked up and out of the way.

Be Cool

Cooling is accomplished by our patent-pending beryllium/copper heat conductance system which dissipates heat quickly - no noisy fans.  Tough steel housing resists tampering. Industrial grade components have an operating temperature of -30° to +180°F.

Computer mounted in Ford Explorer Police vehicle
Mounting in Fremont (Ohio) Police Ford Explorer - DOT approved 12.1" ultra high resolution touchscreen monitor with a spacesaving keyboard. CruiserPC6platform™ computer is bolted to floor under rear seat.

Lets Rock & Roll

Optional Dynamic Fluidic Shock & Vibration Dampening System. We started with a military grade shock mount material and went one better.  Suffice to say, CruiserPC6platform™ can be well protected from shock and vibration.   Our shock mounted system can withstand an impact up to 150MPH!  Even in the most serious crash situation, recovery of data should not be an issue.

Power Supply

Proudly Made in the USACruiserPC6platform™ is equipped with our own (patent-pending) intelligent power supply that monitors the vehicle’s charging system.  When a problem arises, the system notifies you in advance so you can avoid dead batteries.  Also, if the power supply senses a voltage drop below a programmed level, it instantly puts the system into hibernation to avoid damage to the computer and existing data.


CruiserPC6platform™ can also be controlled through a secure web based interface so no special client software is needed.  The system can also easily handle software add-ons, such as a license plate recognition program, or ticket writing software.

Control CruiserPC6platform™ Remotely

CruiserPC6platform’s wireless transmission and digital video options enables a driver to hit an "Event Button" to tag the video, notify a central station of an incident, and begin transferring images of ongoing events.  Or, through a web based interface, an operator at the central station can call up a vehicle and retrieve images at any time.  CruiserPC6platform™ can be equipped to use several options of communication including two-way radio, cellular, or Wi-Fi networks.  In fact, all configuration of CruiserPC6platform™ can be handled remotely through a secured login.  There’s no need to go to the vehicle.

CruiserPC6platform computerSummary

The toughest industrial grade components, the strongest shock mount, the best power supply available come together in the Next Generation of mobile computing platforms...
... at a price that’s lower than most ‘lesser’ systems!

3 Year Warranty logo 1 year workmanship warranty 5 year extended warranty available

CruiserPC6platform features
  • All Industrial Grade components
  • All solid state - no moving parts or fans to fail
  • Different processor options to suit your particular requirements
  • Many data storage size options to suit your particular requirements
  • Intelligent power supply - Continuous "Smart" monitoring of incoming power
  • Low 4 - 8 watt power usage
  • Supports Windows® based software programs
  • Status inputs for doors, lights, brakes, vehicle voltage/charging system, etc.
  • Outputs for remote control - such as door locks, remote start, etc.
  • Different monitor sizes and touchscreen options are available
  • Different keyboard and mouse (wired/wireless) configurations are available to suit your particular requirements
  • Small 7.5"w x 3"h x 7.25"d footprint - weight about 5-6lbs. depending on options
  • 3 year warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty on our installs
  • Proudly Made in USA
CruiserPC6platform options
  • Dynamic Fluidic Shock & Vibration Dampening System
  • GPS, On-Board Navigation, and auto-vehicle locator (AVL)
  • Remote communication thru 2-way radio, cellular, WiFi, or other wireless options
  • Auto download of data when returning to station
  • DVR - 4 video and 4 audio inputs - 1-120fps digital recording on every camera
  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Installation on-site by our trained technicians

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Our Solutions

Mobile & Fixed Products

We offer many products including:
 · Two Way Radios
 · AVL/GPS Tracking
 · Mobile DVR systems
 · Mobile computing platforms
 · Fleet Management systems
 · Telemetry systems
 · Dispatch Software & Hardware
 · Voice Recording/Logging
 · Radio over IP
 · Voice over IP
 · Automatic Passenger Counters

For use by:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military & Intelligence
  • Fire Departments
  • Rangers
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Security Services

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