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MobileDVR by UCL

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Realtime video and audio ~ Infrared Night Vision
GPS ~ Remote access ~ Bluetooth support ~ And More!!

mobile digital videoUniversal Com Link's CruiserPC6™ is a professional all solid state digital video recording system designed for the rigors of First Responder use. When the CruiserPC6™ equipped vehicle is started, a digital recorder begins storing images and audio captured by up to 4 onboard cameras and microphones.  When triggered by an impact sensor or driver-activated incident button, CruiserPC6™ tags the event from 2 minutes before to 5 minutes after for easy recall later.

The SPEED you Need!

CruiserPC6™ is fast - recording an unrivaled 30 frames per second(fps) on every camera all the time when the system is active. CruiserPC6™ utilizes high compression H.264 video format so even with that much video information, there’s still plenty of room.

Small, Rugged, and Ready

CruiserPC6 - Police Special - mDVRBuilt for dependability and long life, CruiserPC6™ is designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations and heavy vibration of mobile operations.  CruiserPC6™ is all solid state - no mechanical hard drive with moving parts to fail.  Our optional shock mount isolates the system from shock and vibration. Using Industrial Grade components, the system is designed for rugged vehicle requirements.

Cooling is accomplished by our patent-pending beryllium/copper heat conductance system which dissipates heat quickly - no noisy fans.  Tough steel housing resists tampering. With an operating temperature of -30° to +180°F and you are looking at one tough system!

At 7.5"w x 3"h x 7.25"d, it's small enough to easily be mounted safely in the trunk - locked up and out of the way.

Hi-Res Cameras Make the Difference

Super high res camerasWe use the best Super Resolution cameras able to operate in extreme low-light conditions. Interior camera and microphone records what’s going on in the back seat. Our special forward mounted IR illuminator enables the front camera to see over 250ft in nighttime conditions.

We carry a wide array of camera mounting covers and options for surface-mount or flush-mounting cameras and waterproof exterior cameras.

Power Supply

CruiserPC6™ is equipped with our own (patent-pending) "Smart" power supply that monitors the vehicle’s charging system.  When a problem arises, the system notifies you in advance so you can avoid dead batteries.  Also, if the power supply senses a voltage drop below a programmed level, it instantly puts the system into hibernation to avoid damage to the recorder and existing data.


Proudly Made in the USACruiserPC6™ is controlled through a secured web based interface so no special client software is needed.

Control CruiserPC6™ Remotely

The CruiserPC6™ wireless transmission option enables a driver to hit an event button to notify a central station of an incident and begin transferring images of ongoing events.  Or, through a web based interface, an operator at the central station can call up a vehicle and retrieve images at any time.  CruiserPC6™ can be equipped to use several options of communication including radio, cellular, or Wi-Fi networks.  In fact, all configuration of CruiserPC6™ can be handled remotely through a secured login.  There’s no need to go to the vehicle.

3 Year Warranty logo 1 year workmanship warranty 5 year extended warranty available

CruiserPC6 Features
  • Support for 4 video and 4 audio inputs
  • All solid state - no moving parts or fans to fail
  • Realtime (30fps) digital recording on every camera - settable from 1 - 120fps
  • Continuous "Smart" monitoring of incoming power
  • Outputs for remote control - such as door locks, remote start, etc.
  • Ample data storage options - from 1 month to many months
  • 3 year warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Proudly Made in USA - by Americans for Americans
CruiserPC6 Options
  • Forward mounted IR illuminator enables camera to see over 250ft
  • Status inputs for doors, lights, brakes, vehicle voltage/charging system, etc.
  • Auto download of data when returning to station
  • Support for WiFi, GPS, On-Board Navigation, and auto-vehicle locator (AVL)
  • Remote communication thru radio, cellular, WiFi, or other options
  • Record audio from all standard body mics
  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Installation on-site by our trained technicians

Each CruiserPC6™ is custom built to your specifications.

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