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AVL, GPS & CAD SystemsGPS Map

We have a cost-effective AVL (automatic vehicle location) and GPS (global positioning system) solution that enables agencies to monitor and track all of the vehicles in their fleet.  At the heart of this solution is our SR123™ M2M Radio Modem.

Knowing where every vehicle in your fleet is located at any given moment is power - power to better maintain better scheduling and efficiency.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

UCL has a complete dispatch and radio management computerized dispatch system for easy radio dispatch management. The system provides a communications log that records inbound radio calls by radio’s alias i.e. “BUS 2009” outbound traffic is logged by the dispatch point/dispatcher. All logs are time and date stamped.

The dispatch software is scalable to communicate to 16 different repeaters and can connect up to 128 remote communicators/dispatch points within a network. The system can divide dispatch areas amongst multiple dispatchers to handle different geographical areas or sections of the fleet such as fixed route and demand response vehicles.

Real time and recorded AVL/GPS data is presented in Microsoft MapPoint 2010 that has streets and highways including names, major geographical features, landmarks, jurisdictional boundaries, rail road tracks, system routes, bus stops, and other map features.

Vehicle location, direction, schedule adherence and clearly indicate alarm status or vehicles operating beyond thresholds.

Detailed information on map objects including vehicles and buses may be hidden to minimize screen clutter..

Displays relevant information about vehicles such as maintenance status, driver information, etc. Show projected or estimated location of AVL equipped vehicles even when real‐time location updates are not being received including a clear status that the location is projected or estimated.

Displays the “planned” location and status of vehicles based on the run, route, trip and driver assignments programs all thresholds and alarms values and policies are user definable.

When alarms or emergency conditions occur, the monitoring software will display the status above all other current applications and tasks with an optional audible component. If an alarm is not responded to in a predefined amount of time, the system will automatically escalate the alarm to other stations according to a user definable escalation policy.

Dispatchers can send messages to and receive text messages from vehicles. The software records all text messages, events and data transmissions, occurring between dispatch and vehicles. All voice traffic is logged to voice recording system. Last call information is displayed on the screen.

The system will handle the connection of multiple channels and communication devices.

In a closed microphone situation the mobile will identify itself to the dispatch so to log the radio that is having the problem the radio will reach a time out timer that electronically releases the stuck mic button (PTT switch) the dispatch then can stun the radio remotely trough the dispatch software if needed to stop the mobile radio from continuing to cause a problem.

Workspace views, colors, symbols, etc. are customizable with zoom, sorting, ordering, and similar features that can be saved and loaded on a per user basis.

Exporting or publishing AVL data in real-time to external data sources in industry standard formats including, but not limited to, CSV, XML, RSS formats compatible with Fleet-Net, Trapeze or GFI(or approved equal) software, web based trip planning products, next bus systems, etc.

Supports an application programmer’s interface (API) and/or hooks to allow third party applications to intercept coded text messages from operators and transmit automatically generated text messages back to operators without dispatcher involvement.

Optional call-ahead feature

Call‐ahead feature for paratransit vehicles notifies clients in advance of a scheduled pickup.

User authentication

A system login to dispatch software provides three levels of user access control for protecting the network settings as well as the system itself.

Transmit and Receive indicator

Green background color indicates a signal is received and red color indicates transmit of a signal from dispatch.

Function buttons

Up to 40 function buttons are programmable. Individual call, group call, all call, stun, revive, kill, remote monitor, radio check, call alert, status call, status polling, emergency call, emergency alert and base (repeater) memory channel are programmable.

Status call

Up to 100 status messages are programmable.

Short Data Message

Up to 10 short data messages are programmable for quick selection, or enter any 10 character message.

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